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Family Swears Bigfoot was Stalking Their BBQ

He took a marshmallow skewer to investigate bigfoot.

It’s a good thing bigfoot is considered generally non-aggressive towards humans because this family was not prepared for an animal attack during their cookout. They claim the creature was first spotted from the porch and show video of a bipedal and hairy creature behind some trees. The man recording decides to walk closer to investigate and quietly asks if they have anything to make noise and scare it off, completely missing the hilarity of not shouting the question with that built in noisemaker we call vocal cords. He walks up to where the creature was but can’t see where it went and for some reason keeps pointing the camera at the ground instead of towards the trees. The creature returns about half an hour later when they’re all gathered outside grilling.  

A new angle is shown and the man says “stop” as he points the camera behind a young man holding a roasting marshmallow to show the sasquatch-like creature lurking in the woods again. The family argues for a moment about whether or not it’s a bear before one of the women tells everybody they should go inside. The man recording says they shouldn’t leave the food out or it will come over closer. They start scrambling to gather food while the cameraman darts across the grass into the woods to get a closer shot.

He searches for it again before spotting it behind a different clump of trees and then ducks behind a tree as if the creature didn’t watch him run over. He then stage whispers to his family, motioning them to come over. They decline so he’s runs back across the lawn where they have made zero progress on gathering the food or going back inside. The woman says the thing is getting closer and the cameraman begs anybody to come with him to check it out. They continue to decline, so he grabs a marshmallow skewer to use in some sort of imagined defense which is just a poor choice all around as it’s even a safety skewer with the prongs pointing inward rather than out like a small trident.

He gets closer to it with his little metal stick waving in front of him and just as we see the creature closely the video ends abruptly.

It’s probably for the best that this was almost certainly a person in a bigfoot costume with staged acting because the comedy of errors that proceeds after they spot the creature is not what you want from an emergency response scenario. 

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