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Family Stuck on Road One Night Record Unearthly Howls in the Darkness

Is it Bigfoot?

Various pieces of “evidence” for Bigfoot include blurry photographs, muddy footprints, strange “structures” of wood build in the forest, and unearthly screams. This last one is cause for controversy though, because many people simply do not recognize the noises made by wild animals, especially when they are hearing them in the wilderness, in the dark. There, it seems, some long forgotten instinct ignites within us, and we freeze like little prey animals far back in our evolutionary tree. We don’t know what makes that sound, but we know we don’t like it.

For this family, trapped in a broken vehicle on the side of the road one dark night, the long minutes of horrific howling were almost more than they could bear.


“Bears don’t do that,” the man is heard saying over the noise. He points his camera into the night. Dimly, it picks up the worried visage of a woman as well as an unhappy dog, both sitting silently inside the vehicle with him and listening to this terrible wail. The video continues for the better part of ten minutes as they specula as to what it could be. Is it multiple dogs, howling together, their recognizable sounds distorted by echoes and distance? Some other animal, perhaps unknown?

In the comments, there is speculation that their location in California might be near a wildlife sanctuary. The roars of lions, for example, can be heard over five miles away.

It sounds like a dog to me, but this remains a popular video for the Bigfoot-inclined. What do you think?