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There’s a Real Bounty on Bigfoot in Pennsylvania

One million dollars, before you ask.

A couple in Cambridge Springs claims they saw an immense creature covered in black hair walk across their farm. They were convinced it was not a bear but instead the legendary bigfoot, and so they called in a professional to search. The small farm is located in northwestern Pennsylvania and the expert bigfoot hunters show the area where the couple used to keep their hogs but were forced to move them because something was climbing the fences and killing the pigs. The experts reviewed the footage as well as footprints and other evidence the couple collected and brought in a whole team to search for the cryptid beast. 

Bait, cameras, and thermal imaging devices were brought in to set up around the couple’s farm. What does bigfoot eat, you might ask. This team makes bait from peanut butter and sardines, hanging them too high in the trees for anything but a bigfoot to reach. It is unclear why they have decided this is the snack of choice for a creature sensible enough to have kept hidden this long.  

While the team is searching for bigfoot they have offered a one million dollar reward to anyone with direct information leading to Bigfoot’s capture, or the delivery of the creature to them. 

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