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Man Believes He’s Discovered Bigfoot’s “Elk Boneyard”

There’s admittedly a lot of bones gathered here.

When it comes to legends about Bigfoot, I like to quote Fox Mulder: “I want to believe.” Maybe it’s the nature-lover in me. I’d like to think that no matter how many forests we’ve cut down and paradises we’ve paved, there are still things out there in the wilderness that we don’t know about yet. And maybe one of those things is a giant bipedal mammal who likes to shake trees and scream.

Unfortunately, we Bigfoot enthusiasts can sometimes tie ourselves in knots trying to link any piece of evidence we find to the big guy. Fallen trees? Bigfoot. Branches twisted into an X? Bigfoot. Strange sounds? Bigfoot. Piles of bones? Well…


In this video, a man surveys an enormous pile of elk carcasses, wondering if what he has found is indeed a Bigfoot boneyard, a trash heap made by the meat-hunting cryptid.

“It’s the state road cleaner disposal of car versus elk,” claims one commenter, and many others agree. In many municipalities, roadkill cleaned by state or federal employees are taken to incinerators but in some rural districts, this might not be feasible. However, there is no way to know where this video is taken.

Others say that it’s evidence of an avalanche or mud or rock slide that a herd of elk unfortunately got caught in. The amount of mud, rock fragments, and other debris at the site make this explanation seem like a plausible one as well.

Or maybe that’s just what the Bigfoot creatures want you to think.