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Footage Shows Creature Resembling a Bigfoot Battles a Bird on a Treetop

Warning: contains graphic violence

A small grove of what look like telephone poles, but are clumped together like trees, stands out against a grey and misty sky. On top of one of the wooden poles a dark figure can be seen. As the camera zooms in the indistinct figure becomes clearer and a humanoid figure seems to be beating a large bird against the tree with shocking violence. The camera zooms in further and the creature looks like a sasquatch, with dark fur covering its body and no sign of a tail to indicate a monkey. The unknown creature appears to be gripping the top of the pole with its legs and knees in a very human-like manner that does not look like an ape.  

The size of the creature is difficult to determine but it appears to be attacking a gull which allows us to see the wingspan in relation to the height of the alleged bigfoot. Gulls can vary in size but the average wingspan for a common gull of medium size is about three feet, indicating the bigfoot is quite a bit smaller than typically described. The largest gull has a wingspan of about five feet so the creature could potentially be in the six to seven foot range, however that is unlikely as the great black-backed gull has a distinctively black back.

Further digging uncovers the truth behind this disturbing video though, and reveals it is being posted out of context for the trick of fog and shadow that makes this capuchin monkey seem like it could be the legendary bigfoot. The footage is traced back to the Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom and the capuchin monkey exhibit, which is why these poles are placed so unusually. Some casual zoo-goers were observing the monkeys when one woman noticed a monkey had snatched a seagull out of the air and grabbed her phone to record this now viral video. 

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