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Trucker Captures Eerie Howling Sound On Route and Suspects It Might Be BigFoot

That sound is harrowing.

Whenever someone produces video or audio evidence of Bigfoot, the discussion always turns to whether or not this has been faked. And although there are countless ways to fake visuals or sound, and very easily too, given today’s technology, the question I always come back to is that we should be asking, “Why?” What is in it for a random person on TikTok to post a “faked” video of Bigfoot? Especially if they are not a cryptid “influencer,” with a channel devoted to such content, they have little to gain from going to the trouble. And so I’m intrigued by this video, which appears to be posted by a truck driver who caught something unexpected at a rest stop in the Pacific Northwest.


In the video, truck driver Danny Ramirez records a video of an unknown animal bellowing in the woods outside a rest stop. The sound, which lies somewhere between a moan and a roar, is shocking and unearthly. Now wonder he’s not willing to get out of the cab to investigate.

This video was taken on Highway 97, and in the comments section several locals say they, too, have heard the sound at rest stops along the route.

Is it faked? I don’t think so. What would be the point of some residents setting up camp at a rest stop in order to freak out an errant truck driver. So I do believe this is the authentic recording of some animals. Is it Bigfoot? Now, that I don’t know. It’s possible that those sounds are nothing more than the moans of a bear in extreme distress.

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But whatever it is, I suggest the man keep driving. 

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