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Family Sets Bigfoot Trap for Creature That Attacked Their Dog

Warning: The dog doesn't make it.

A mysterious creature has been causing havoc for this family and they finally had enough when it attacked and killed their pet dog. The son explains he was upstairs when he heard his dog making a frantic commotion from outside. He went outside to discover whatever it was had taken his pup - the devoured remains of which they found later. This was the final straw and the family decided to set out a trap.

The metal trap looks intimidating, but for some unexplained reason they chose celery as bait. This seems an odd choice to lure something that is giving every indication of being a carnivorous predator, but the more traditional choice of sasquatch hunters is peanut butter and sardines which doesn’t sound any more enticing. Their plan is to tempt the creature into grabbing the celery which will trigger the trap to close around its arm. They use a stick to poke the trap and demonstrate its quick and intense snap, showing it took the end of the stick right off. 

They return the next night after claiming to hear a lot of noise coming from the area with the trap, but discover the trap is not where they left it. It lies several feet away on the ground and has captured a chunk of skin and fur of whatever had the misfortune to be craving celery that evening. The father and son see tracks and a trail of blood leading away, but as they go to follow it a terrifying animalistic shriek fills the night and they seem to think better of pursuing the chase.

This video begs the question “Where do you send bigfoot DNA for analysis?” This practical aspect of what to do with evidence is something not often considered by those demanding more and better proof of cryptids. If you thought finding bigfoot was hard, try convincing experts to take credible claims seriously long enough to actually investigate the evidence of a sasquatch. Unfortunately, due to the widespread “conspiracy theory” aspect of cryptid reports and sightings, even the mere mention of bigfoot will stop many scientists in their tracks for fear of professional ridicule. 

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