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Person Thinks They Caught Bigfoot Peeking Through a Window

That looked a little too big to be an animal...

In a time when we have more cameras than ever before in history, we should be able to capture proof of bigfoot. Is that what we are seeing peering into the window of a home?


A shadowy hominid with two glowing eyes appears to bob around outside this homeowner’s window, spying on the inhabitants within. Could this be the long sought after bigfoot or a more mundane explanation such as a person in a hooded disguise? Some might say it is more likely to be a large dog, wolf, or even a mountain lion because you never see an arm lift the way a human’s might and yet the movements still seem distinctly bipedal.

There is a heated debate over whether Sasquatch (another common name used for bigfoot) are dangerous and might attack people though there are very few reports of direct attacks, and many more sightings of aggressive display behavior designed to scare away threats rather than force a confrontation.

The increasing availability of doorbell cameras and decreasing amount of wild lands will undoubtedly lead to more potential bigfoot recordings, so who should be on the lookout? There are hotbeds of sightings throughout North America, although similar reports of creatures go by other names all over the globe. 

The Pacific Northwest is most widely associated with sightings due to the most famous video being filmed there but other regions have just as many sightings without the fame. The Appalachians feature large tracts of sparsely populated and little traveled land, as well as many spooky tales of unexplained hominids. The southern United States has legends of the skunk ape lurking around swamps and wetlands, a creature much like bigfoot but with a notable smelly difference. 

These undeveloped lands said to be home to an undiscovered primate species overlap significantly with areas hunters use to take down game, so many ask why haven’t any specimens been brought down during these sightings? Hunters are understandably reticent to shoot at anything hominid for fear of accidentally harming a person, leaving our best evidence caught by cameras.