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California Woman Thinks She Has Video Proof Of Bigfoot Running Out of a Tree

Blink and you’ll miss him!

Is this Bigfoot jumping out of a tree and running away? This video taken in the mountains of California was just an innocent Snapchat until it captured a mysterious figure.


The video plays in real time twice to give viewers a chance to see it unedited, but the figure disappears with a quickness that begs for a slow motion cut. When slowed way down it clearly shows a figure descending from a tree in the distance and what appears to be two legs running before it disappears into the foliage.

Is this the fabled Sasquatch of legend? While there is a strong resemblance to a running hominid, it is far more likely this is actually a bird. This might seem like a far-fetched identification to those unfamiliar with bird watching, but is easily explainable. A bird jumping out of a tree will first swoop low while pumping its wings quick and hard to achieve lift, and when the wings dip simultaneously to the lowest point they can look like legs from an offset angle. This is further enhanced by the primary flight feathers which are the longest on the wings and taper outward to appear thinner than the rest of the wings.

When the wings are on an upward stroke it resembles a human jumping, like a hurdler, but again the camera angle is misleading as it is likely this bird is closer to the camera than it appears which causes the illusion of it being on the ground but further in the distance. A bird would also explain the speed at which the creature moves and flying explains how it seems to disappear into the brush.

It would have been interesting to search the area for prints or hair left behind but unfortunately the unusual background happenings weren’t noticed until after the video was recorded. This lack of physical evidence gives credence to skeptics on all reported sightings of Bigfoot, not just this one. It has long been pondered why we have never found any deceased specimens or fossilized remains of this famously sought cryptid, although that could be explained through several different factors such as critically low numbers and purposeful interment of their own dead to avoid detection or pay reverence to the departed.