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Woman Believes She Literally Dreamed Her BFF Into Life

And honestly, by the sounds of this story she might have.

Have you ever had a dream about something that later comes true? Some people think this is nothing more than a form of deja vu, in which your brain misfires and creates a false memory of something happening long before it id, so that whatever you are currently experiencing feels like it happened before.

But other people think that prophetic dreams are very much real, and signs from the universe. This woman thinks she dreamed her best friend into life.


“In grade four, I had a dream about a girl,” begins this fascinating TikTok video. “And a couple of months later, she shows up at my door… but that isn’t the craziest part.”

The woman’s childhood best friend and her family moved in with them from Argentina. Her mother became the friend’s surrogate mother and they were inseparable for over six years. And then, alas, the family disappeared. For thirty years!

That is, until last week.

The woman received an email from her friend saying she would be in town and could they meet up? Of course the woman said yes, but then when she didn’t hear from her old friend she began to worry that it, too was a dream.

Fortunately, her friend did make that meeting and they were able to reunite after all those decades and get closure on what had happened. The entire story is available in the woman’s TikTok account.

She believes that there is something mystical about their connection, that she could have dreamed about her friend before she ever met her, then be able to find each other again after so much time has gone by.