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Man Convinced Best Friend Who Just Died “Showed Up” to his Daughter’s 10th Birthday

Navigating the loss of a friend is so hard, but having these special moments makes it more bearable.
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The loss of a friend can be such a devastating thing. This man is still clearly dealing with some pretty depend comprehensive grief after losing a lifelong friend. Las month, he traveled to America from overseas to be with his friend in his final moments. And now he realizes that though his friend is gone, he will always be with him, in his heart.

“Dear Geoff, I’m pretty sure I saw you in Paris on Evelyn’s tenth birthday…” the video begins. 


In the video, the man, Timm, shares his story superimposed over photos of the two friends together, in their youth, when they were adults, and even recently, w hen they shared their last days together.

He came back to America to be Geoff as he died, and soon after had to return home to Paris to be with his family. During the journey, he saw a red, heart-shaped balloon float across the airplane runway and felt like he knew it was sign from Geoff.

A month later, he was celebrating his daughter’s tenth birthday, which was especially poignant as Time had spent his own tenth birthday with his childhood friend Geoff. They decided to release a balloon in Geoff’s name but when they went outside, what did they find already floating in the air but another heart-shaped balloon!

“From what I’ve learned of Buddhism because of you,” Time says in the video, “there are forty-nine days between death and rebirth, so with three days remaining, thank you for coming to Paris… you and I spent our tenth birthdays together, so thanks for being here for hers.”