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Man Notices Yacht Acting Strange During Trip Across Bermuda Triangle

"Maybe there is something to the stories..."

The Bermuda Triangle is the name for the rough triangle of ocean contained between the southernmost tip of Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. It’s infamous for being a particularly strange patch of sea, and legend has it that many ships and planes have disappeared into the depths in this zone, never to be seen again. The truth, somewhat more prosaic, is that it’s one of the most popular boating and aircraft channels in the world, servicing most of south Florida and the Caribbean islands. If planes and boats ru into trouble in this area—well, there are a lot of planes and boats that fly in this area.

But that doesn’t mean strange stuff doesn’t happen there. Take the troubles that befell this yacht.


In the video, a boater claims that while traveling across the western point of the Bermuda Triangle near Florida, from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, his boat’s autopilot and fuel gauges stopped working. Their seventeen-hour trip ended up being especially choppy due to the sea conditions and the lack of autopilot.

This type of trouble is typical “Bermuda Triangle” wonkiness, according to those who believe the legend, who claim that there is some kind of geomagnetic anomaly in the area. Proponents of this theory claim that the area is a supernatural vortex, or even a portal to another dimension. UFO enthusiasts think that this might even be the origins of some of these trans-medium crafts that are often reported.

In the comments, some people say that his trip was nowhere near the Triangle, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a triangle around Bermuda, but rather one in which Bermuda is the northeastern point.