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Man Believes Video of Bear Standing Is Proof It Can’t Ever Be Mistaken for Bigfoot

He actually has a really good point…
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When it comes to cryptids—animals that people claim exist but have never been scientifically proven to do so—I like to keep an open mind. As a child, I found giant sea squids in a book of cryptids. Back then, they thought they were little more than sailor tall tales, like mermaids or sea monsters. Now, however, we know that giant squids are a real thing. They may not attack ships at sea, but they are quite real. So maybe Bigfoot, too, is a real thing.

Bigfoot skeptics like to say that videos of the animal are all fakes, that it’s a man in an ape suit, or that the person taking the video is just mistaking a bear on its hind legs for the famous “hairy ape man.” But this video shows why that’s probably not the case at all.

In this video, a man shows what it actually looks like when a bear stands on its hind legs, and argues that it looks absolutely nothing like the Bigfoot videos many people share.

It is true that bears, when on their hind legs, have noticeably sloping shoulders, and don’t much resemble a hairy walking humanoid.

However, it’s a bit more complicated than that, as the sloping effect only appears when the bear is standing on its own, with its front legs hanging down by its sides. If the bear was holding onto a tree trunk, the curve of its back and joints could look more like human shoulders.

As for whether Bigfoot sightings are really bears, I think the jury is still out.

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