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Witch Shows How To Create a Banishing Ritual

Let's get rid of all that bad energy!

One of the interesting things about actual witchcraft is that despite the negative press it has gotten for centuries, despite the folkloric image of broomstick flying and demons summoning, glowing cauldrons and eyes of newt, most true practices involve nothing more interesting than herbs and spices you probably already have in your cupboard at home.

Protection spells are activated with regular salt, new month rituals can be performed with cinnamon. And then there’s this banishing ritual.


In other to perform this banishing ritual, you will need the following: lemon slices, salt, rosemary, cinnamon, and garlic, as well as a bowl and a candle. The first three ingredients all have protective and cleansing qualities, the cinnamon brings luck, and the garlic helps ward off negativity. Candles are activating powers, bringing in the changeable element of fire.

Arrange the lemons slices in a bowl and heap the salt in the center, Sprinkle liberally with rosemary, cinnamon, and garlic. Set the candle upright in the center, anchored in the salt heap so it doesn’t fall over, and light it.

“Letting the candle burn all the way is preferable,” she says in comments. “It removes negativity, hexes and ill intent.”

When the candle has burned completely down, you can return the non-salt ingredients to the earth, and dispose of the salt safely, as it can damage the soil.

This is a good ritual to perform if you are feeling the weight of some negativity in your life, whether it’s from outward or inward sources.