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How to Perform a Banishing Spell...With a Lemon

Careful with this one!

One of the interesting things about witchcraft is that despite the negative press it has gotten for centuries, despite the folkloric image of broomstick flying and demons summoning, glowing cauldrons and eyes of newt, most practices involve nothing more interesting than herbs and spices you probably already have in your cupboard at home.

Protection spells are activated with regular salt, new month rituals can be performed with cinnamon. And then there’s this banishing ritual, performed with spices, a string, and a lemon.


To perform this spell, you will need: a lemon, with a cross cut in the top, some chili flakes, some paprika, a black string, some nails or tacks, and a black wax candle.

First, write down what it is that you want to banish on the wax of the candle or carve it into the side of the lemon. This can be anything from a negative influence on your life to a bit of bad fortune you are experiencing.

Slip the spices inside the cut lemon, wrap the string many times around the lemon and tie it tight, pierce the skin with the tacks, and seal the entire thing up with melted black wax from the candle.

Then, take the object outside and bury it.

Wait for the magic to kick in.

As with all banishing spells, you want to be careful exactly how you word things, as you don’t want the spell to come across as a hex and backfire on you. You are trying to get the badness out of your life, not hurt others.