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No One Knows What This Thing Is at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

Is it a sunken UFO?
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The idea of a lost city under the ocean has captured the popular imagination since ancient times.But whether we’re dreaming about the wonders of Atlantis or the hidden knowledge of Lemuria, no one has ever been able to prove that there are unknown civilizations hiding in the deep. Lately, speculation about these unknown civilizations have combined with curiosity about unexplained aerial phenomena (UFOs), and some wonder if these strange flying objects don’t have an extraterrestrial origin at all. Are UFOs from outer space, or are they part of an underwater society? Was James Cameron’s The Abyss right all along?

And it’s easy to wonder, especially when researchers are bringing back photos like this one, of a giant anomaly under the Baltic Sea that looks for all the world like a spaceship.

This video shares details about the so-called Baltic Sea Anomaly, a sonar image taken in 2011 by a Swedish treasure hunting and salvage team. The image purports to show a flat, round object about two hundred feet in diameter, featuring details such as ramps, staircases, and corridors. It looks remarkably similar, in fact to the spaceship The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

But what is it?

Though tabloid journalists were quick to declare that the anomaly was a UFO, claiming the formation couldn’t possibly be a natural formation, geologists and sonar experts are not so sure. Some say that the “formations” and spaceship like outline are a result of cheaply calibrated sonar imagery, and the actual anomaly may be nothing more than a school of fish. Others says hat it could be perfect normal undersea rock formations. After all, some naturally occurring formations do have disturbingly man-made looking cracks and crevices, which often cause a stir when viewed by amateur analysts. (Think of the “doorways” on Mars, the Giant’s Causeway, etc.)

The treasure-hunters attempted to take another photo of the anomaly, but said they were stymied by a mysterious electrical interference.

No further attempt has been made.

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