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Here’s Why You Should Always Put Baking Soda Under Your Doormat According to One Practicing Witch

Definitely worth trying.

Many superstitions have particular cultural origins. This video claims that it’s her Italian family’s tradition to sprinkle baking soda on the threshold and under her doormat to help banish bad energy. According to the video below, if someone with malicious intention tries to cross your threshold afterward, they will instantly feel nauseous.


In the comments section under the video, she claims that she refreshes the sprinkle often, any time unwanted family members or other people she is “leery” about decide to drop by.

This tip seems simple enough, and at the very least, it will keep your doormat smelling fresh!

Folks are eager to try it for themselves.

“There’s got to be a way to do this at my office cube to keep people away from my side of the suite,” says one viewer.

Others say they do something similar with salt, ground up eggshells, or even cornmeal, with surprisingly effective results.

“I put a line of salt on my new place. and my mother-in-law came in once... “ says one viewer, who clearly has some familial tension that should probably be dealt with in ways other than witchcraft. “She freaked out and never came back. She made hubs go to her house!”

“Omg that’s amazing!” says the woman who took the video. “I love hearing stories like this! Thanks for sharing! Here’s to us protecting our families!”

While good luck charms and protective spells have their place (the woman also has Evil Eyes on her doormat and hanging near her door), you can’t rely on them entirely to deal with in-laws. Communication probably works best.