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Woman Shares Creepy "Backrooms" Glitch in the Matrix at Chicago Macy's

There must be a portal in there...
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The “Backrooms” started life as an internet horror story, a “creepy pasta” posted on a forum in order to scare folks. But it’s taken on a life of its own, as the inherent spookiness of liminal spaces and the mores of online “aesthetics” culture have turned the idea of eerie, possibly malevolent, quasi-forbidden (or just plain forbidden) into a visual and storytelling juggernaut. Because, let’s face it, the idea of accidentally wandering into a vast space where you don’t belong (and which doesn’t want you there) is just plain terrifying.

But that’s what happened to this woman when she recently visited the Chicago Macy’s (in the Marshall Fields and Company building, which many locals just call “the Marshall Field’s Macy’s”). Did she wander through a portal? Experience a glitch in the Matrix? Or did she get stuck in the ominous “Backrooms?”

In the video, the woman describes going int the store and heading up an escalator to the fifth floor. Then, she claims, she walked around, looking for a down escalator, but couldn’t find one. She went deeper and deeper into the store, passing departments she knew she’d never seen before, like a confection shop and a toy section. Eventually, she asked an employee how to get back down.

“We’re in the basement,” he replied.

She did not believe him, but sure enough, when she did take another escalator up, she found herself, once more, on the ground floor.

It creeped her out so much, she never went back to the store. So, what gives, Chicago?

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