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Babysitter Claims Rocking Chair Started Moving Toward Her Charge

"Come here, I'm calling your mom."
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It’s winter time, and that means that spooky TikTok has turned its interests to ghost videos. In the summer, people are outside, so they see a lot of UFOs. But when the weather gets cold, that’s when all the furniture in people’s houses starts to move around. Weird how that happens, right?

This woman was babysitting her nephew in the family’s historic ouse when they noticed something a little off about the rocking chair in the living room. Okay, a lot off. But what is really going on here?

Like so many ghost videos—or “ghost videos”—this one starts out as if it’s not supernatural at all. It’s just an aunt on a couch taking footage of her nephew watching Spongebob Squarepants and eating a popsicle. Totally normal babysitting activity. They exchange a few inane lines about what they are doing and whether or not they think Spongebob is high art. (Just kidding—of course it’s high art.)

And then, suddenly the rocking chair begins to move, rocking back and fort furiously, although there is no one sitting there.

“Come here,” the aunt calls to the little boy, trying to get him away from this clearly haunted furniture. “I’m calling your mother.”

Can you imagine that phone call? You’re out on date night with your husband when you get a call from your sister. “Come home, the rocking chair moved on its own.” Is that how that went?

Unclear. Also unclear if any of this is on the level, or if they’ve just decided to amuse themselves by tying a fishing line to the rocker and pretending they are just randomly filming themselves watching TV.

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