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Baby Waves At Something Invisible From Crib

Was something visiting him?
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“Can babies see spirits?” asks the caption on this video, in which a young mother shares some strange behavior they’ve noticed on their baby’s video monitor. “For those of you who don’t believe in spirits, I want you to see this.”


At four o’clock in the morning, the baby woke up and activated the baby monitor. “We taught the baby to wave when we say hi to him,” the mother claims. And then the baby begins waving at absolutely nothing.

“And you can see that he’s okay and happy,” she points out. “He’s just waving, there’s nothing negative.”

It’s good that the mother in this situation did not automatically jump to the idea that her baby was in any danger. Too often in these situations, the parents are concerned there is a malevolent force at work in their child’s bedroom. But maybe it’s simply the spirit of a loved one past, or even a guardian angel.

“Nothing negative or spooky, but proceeds to use spooky music,” says one viewer, commenting on the soundtrack the mom has chosen to overlay the TikTok. “You’re right, I didn’t think that through,” Mom replies.

As for what that baby was really seeing? No one knows, but many viewers say their own children like to wave, talk to or even play with invisible people. Many families reports incidents just like these, and the kids appear to be fine. It’s just another of those mysteries of life, and this family seems to accept it with grace.

“I always like to live in the maybe,” the mom says.