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Woman Catches Her Baby Waving at Invisible People Across the Room

She isn't scared…yet.

There are many people who believe that young children have a special insight into the world of the supernatural, that they are capable of seeing ghosts, or that their “imaginary friends” are really deceased ancestors or other loved ones acting as paranormal playmates. Many think that babies all have these guardian angels to watch over them, and they are able to see the things we cannot, with perceptions that have not been winnowed out of them by the grind of daily life.

The baby in this video is certainly waving at something. But what?


In the video, a little baby is seen waving across an empty room. “What is she waving at?” reads the caption. “We are the only ones home.”

Some viewers think the baby must be catching her reflection in the mirror in the other room. But others say that isn’t possible, that based on where they are sitting she would not be able to see her own reflection.

Others share stories of the babies in their lives who perform similar actions, the grands who are always laughing at nothing in the corner, or the toddler who insists that they are chatting with “Papa” even though he died three years earlier. “Don’t be afraid,” one commenter advises. “Babies often see loved ones who have passed.”

Still others think they, too, have identified whoever this child sees in their room. “It's a male spirit. It's to the right of the lamp against the wall. Guidance and protection from a loved one. Do you know a man with a mustache & beard?”

The mom says she doesn’t recognize that description, but they are still working on it.