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Some Think The Creature This Woman is Feeding is a Baby Nessie

It's simultaneously cute and terrifying.

A strange pale head, almost but not quite, like that of a snake pushes forward through the water to a treat on a stick being offered by a woman off screen. A long pale neck stretches to reach the food without coming too near. Just as you start to think it might be a humongous snake the camera shifts slightly and a lumpy pale body can be seen just beneath the surface of the water. The creature pushes forward through some plant growth in the water and the neck winds in a serpentine motion toward the food before snapping jaws snatch the food off of the stick. 

The woman in the reaction video asks “Is that a turtle?” A fair question as the bizarre creature does seem to resemble a turtle but without the distinctive shell that usually makes the game “turtle or not a turtle” pretty easy. Commenters largely proclaim it must be a soft shell turtle, however those tend to display a more characteristically flattened circle-like body shape as well as a distinctive pig-like snout. The coloration is also wrong for a turtle unless it were an extremely rare albino specimen.

Some believe this creature may be similar to the fabled Mokele Mbembe, a dinosaur-like creature said to resemble a brontosaurus and inhabit the deepest jungles of the African Congo. They are said to be similar to the Loch Ness monster in appearance, but appear to be semi-aquatic terrestrials rather than the plesiosaur-like Nessie said to reside full time within the murky lake.  

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