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After Losing Baby, Mom’s Eldest Daughter “Makes Up” Baby Name With an Eerily Perfect Meaning

This has to be a sign of some sort...
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The heartbreak of miscarriage and stillbirth is often a difficult one for families to process, because although they never got a chance to meet their longed-for addition to the family, the grief and love they feel is still as raw and powerful as if they knew them. This woman’s midwife told her that one way to help her cope with the loss of her baby during her pregnancy would be to give her daughter a name, but she wasn’t sure what to call the little angle. That is, until her older daughter came up with the perfect option. 


“How can you name a baby you weren’t planning on naming until you held her in your arms and met her?” The grieving young mother asks. But in the video, her five year old daughter knows exactly what the name should be. She traipses around the garden, telling her family that she knows what the baby’s name should be.

To the mother, the name sounds like Zayvannya, which, upon researching, she discovers is a modernized, alternative spelling of the Biblical name Zephaniah, an ancient name used throughout the greater Mediterranean and Middle East.

The name means “Yahweh has hidden,” which is an appropriate choice for a baby that the family never got a chance to meet, because she was sent straight to heaven. And how beautiful for such a name to be revealed to her innocent older sister.

In the comments, viewers agree. And are moved that the family are taking this sister’s insight into account. We wish this family deep condolences on their loss.