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Mom Catches Terrifying Face On Crib Baby Monitor When No One is Home

is it a glitch or a ghost?
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There are many reasons to get a high tech-baby monitor, and also a few reasons to avoid it. Some parents find that the super-sensitive baby monitors, the kind with videos and pads that track breathing rates, actually caused them more anxiety than otherwise, as the tech was so sensitive that it could make them think that problems existed where there were none, or alerted them every time their child sighed in their sleep. Experts say that unless your baby has ongoing health issues, you can probably skip the intense monitoring. And that’s before we get into the known issue of monitor hacking.

But for some anxious parents, having a camera on their child gives them peace of mind. That is, until it doesn’t, as in this video.

This woman shares the terrifying evidence that something might be haunting her baby’s crib, and it looks just like her child.

Apparently, the family was away from home when her pone send her a notification that a face had been detected on her child’s baby monitor at home. The device was, presumably, still pointed at the empty crib. But when she checked her phone, she saw a terrifying, ghostly visage.

What in the world is happening here? Was it a glitch in the monitor, displaying old information? Maybe. Did her device accidentally pick up a signal from another monitor? (She does say she's not able to play the video back.) Possibly. And we’d prefer to think that the monitor was broken, rather than wondering if she’s putting her baby to sleep every night in a crib that is haunted by a ghost.

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