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Mom Captures Moment Baby Is Lifted Off the Floor By Unseen Force

"What the heck was that?"

One would think that a ghost who means to harm a baby would wait until the baby was alone, maybe asleep in a crib or sneaking around watching TV after dark. Not playing a few feet from her parents and baby brother, in a nicely-lit room. So I’m inclined to believe that whatever was going on with the baby in this video, the entity responsible only had the kindest of intentions


In the video, a family is hanging out in the living room. The toddler, at the “just-walking” stage of child development, is standing up and holding on to the edge of the coffee table. She leans over as if to try to climb up on the table when, without warning her legs are lifted up and backwards, as if some unseen force is trying to keep her from climbing up on the table.

“Whoa!” cries her mother with a nervous laugh. “What the heck was that?” The video ends, most likely because the mother went to pick up her baby, who is staring at mom and the camera in complete shock.

Viewers are uncertain of what they just saw. Some remain skeptical, as the baby’s feet are not in frame for the whole shot and technically could have been lifted by someone off-screen. But the mother wasn’t trying to catch a shot of a ghost lifting a baby off the floor. She was just filming her baby walking, and what happened was completely unexpected.

I’ve watched this clip a fair number of times and it looks like the baby’s feet are being lifted well before they go out of frame. It also does not appear that the baby is kicking her feet up either, as she’s barely begun to lean over the table when her feet fly up behind her. She could not have gotten leverage in her position.

My theory is this little girl has a guardian angel who knew she did not belong on that table and was looking out for her.