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Video Shows Baby Being Yanked Around In Her Crib But No One Is There

Poor baby!

There’s so much advice out there about the best way to put your baby to sleep. What kind of pajamas they should wear, to swaddle or not to swaddle, the co-sleeping debate, and whether pillows belong in a crib. Everyone has their own opinion, but we can all agree on one thing: we’d like out babies to sleep in a ghost-free room. But this baby was not so lucky.


Around eight seconds into this video, the baby’s foot is jerked violently upward and toward the edge of the crib. Whatever is happening wakes the baby up, who immediately starts crying until their parents come into the room to help.

I have to admit, I watched the video several times, wondering, like several commenters, if we were just seeing the child jerk in their sleep, before getting their toes tangled in the crib slats and waking themselves up. Is there anything more to it than that? Yes, there is.

At nine seconds, you can clearly see the blanket by the child’s side shift in, right as the foot is yanked sideways. The video’s original poster, TikTokker @linneammo, even has a close up video posted here, where you can see the details of the moving blanket and oddly wrangled foot. That does not look like a natural movement to me, and whatever was manipulating that baby’s foot also moved the blanket in a way that defies explanation. 

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The woman has many other videos on her page showing glowing orbs hovering in her baby’s room, but has not solved the mystery of what the entity is or what it wants. But perhaps the biggest mystery of all is why the child is still sleeping in that haunted bedroom.

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