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Baby Grabbed By "Ghost" In This Odd Video, But Viewers Tell Mom to Call a Doctor

What's really going on here?
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Of all the people to pick on in a haunted house, I’m not sure why a ghost would pick the baby. After all, it’s not like the baby chose to live there, or has any means of defending itself. On the flip side, if an entity is trying to drive the people who live in a home away, there is no swifter route than threatening their child. While I might deal with a mischievous poltergeist or two, once they start messing with my kid, we’re out of there.

Is that what is happening in this viral video, where a woman catches some strange force grabbing a baby by the foot and swinging it around? Or is there something even more nefarious going on?

In the video, a baby is crawling along the floor in a footie sleeper when suddenly her leg yanks up and away, twisting her body around. She lays motionless on the floor for a second, as if dazed.

Did something grab her foot?

In the comments, viewers are warning this family that what is happening is this video might not be just spooky, but actually medically dangerous. One person advises that they take the baby to a pediatrician, because what they witnessed looked less like an attack from an unseen force, and more like an epileptic seizure, especially given the way the child lay so still immediately after.

The woman taking the video claims she went and picked her up and she seemed fine. But several other people agree there’s cause for concern, that whatever else might be happening here, having a doctor examine the infant is probably a safe bet.

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