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Baboon With Medical Condition Spawns Tales of Cryptid

It's easy to see how urban legends can be born.

A paranormal TikToker shows video of a hairless baboon suffering from a medical condition and cites that as an example of how many cryptids came into existence, from misidentifying creatures such as this. Bears, canines, deer, and other common animals of nature look bizarre and unnatural when their hair is removed and can look terrifying to the casual observer. This was especially true in times past when there was less widespread knowledge about weird animals or conditions that cause abnormal appearances. 

Even in the modern digital age when most people can access the internet at any given moment there are still frequent misidentifications of fairly average animals that wander around in the natural world. 

There are, of course, many legendary cryptids that are commonly accepted to be misidentifications of animals we know well in modern times but there are also examples such as the giant squid - an animal thought to be fantasy alongside bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster but that was proven in the 21st century to be completely real. 

Creatures such as the giant squid also give hope to cryptozoologists that small and isolated populations of animals thought to be extinct may have survived to this day. Often sighted in Australia and neighboring islands are alleged Tasmanian tigers, otherwise known as thylacines, that many believe have a strong possibility of escaping extinction. Increased reports of suspected examples in recent years indicate if they have somehow survived that the population may be increasing slightly. 

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