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Woman Investigates What Scared the Horses On Her Property and Captures the Eeriest Thing

Uh, we definitely heard that too.

Though animals are known to be especially good at sniffing out the supernatural, it is foolish to be scared just because your pet is. After all, cats have been known to jump the sight of cucumbers. However, responsible animal caretaking also includes things such as going to investigate what it is that spooks a herd of horses, and that is just what the woman does in this video, before finding out that whatever it is seems to have fa more interest in her.


The video shows a bunch of horses running off while a woman, curious as to what spooked the steeds, goes to investigate. As she follows their path, she is interrupted by a man’s voice coming out of nowhere.

In the comments section, viewers argue about what the voice said. One person heard, “Who is it?” Another heard “Excuse me.” Several claim they heard darkly evil laughter, though others said that was only bird calls. I heard “A living,” as opposed, I suppose, to the dead? But most people say they heard the name Whitney, who is the woman responsible for the video.


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This is, perhaps, the scariest thing of all, for many legends about the spirits found in the wilderness insist that if you hear something calling your name out there… no, you didn’t. Just pretend you heard nothing, and go right on home.

She posted another video where you can hear a voice calling “Hey! Hey!” as well, and then, nothing more, leaving viewers to wonder if she answered this mysterious call. 

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