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Man Claims Spirit Has Been Terrorizing Home and Captures Proof On Security Camera

No one has been home for days.

A TikToker who goes by the handle of Dude My House is Haunted has, naturally, been documenting all the deeply terrifying things that have been happening in his home. From something breathing down his neck to knives flying about in his kitchen, things there are apparently very much not okay.

After fleeing in terror due to a recent paranormal experience, he checked in on some cameras he’d left in his home and got an even bigger shock: the attic trap door flying open all on its own!


In the video, the man’s attic trapdoor opens, and the ladder and some other items come spilling out. Orbs (or maybe dust) fly around the hallway for several long seconds, followed, most frighteningly, by the slow and steady sound of footsteps.

Disembodied footsteps in this hallway are a regular feature of the haunting, according to the man and his videos, and this was supposedly enough to make him never want to return to the house.

Ever since this video went viral, ghost hunters all over TikTok have been trying to interpret and debunk it (is something pulling on the attic door string? Did it open due to the heavy box on top of the door?), but everyone seems to have their own opinion on what is really going on in his house. Also, paranormal investigators have been coming out of the woodwork offering to go check it out, and when their offers were declined, the entire situation became more suspect.

But the fear in this gentleman’s voice is real, even if he doesn’t want some stranger on the internet coming to his house to comb for ghosts. At this point, he just wants out.