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Woman Takes Final Video of a Haunted Children's Asylum

Before it burned to the ground.

There are places in this world that just seem to be cursed. Whether that was because they were the site of some great tragedy or they were simply built in a place where the veil between the worlds was too thin, these haunted spots have had bad vibes from the word go. Such is the case with the Athol House in Baltimore, which changed hands many times in it’s over 150-year history. 


Athol House's historical record begins in when the land and house that was on it was acquired at a mortgage auction in 1851, so it already had some tragic backstory. The original house burned in 1880 (strike two!) and the owner arranged to have it rebuilt the following year. The resulting stone mansion was originally quite lovely, with an inscription, “God’s providence is mine inheritance” carved into the stone over the front door, which sounds pretty creepy, tbh.

By 1900, the property had changed hands again. This time it was a sanitarium for women suffering from “nervous ailments.” (I'm going to call this strike three.) It was in operation during the first part of the twentieth century, but by 1988 it was bought by a doctor, who converted it into a psychiatric asylum for children. (And...I'm out.)

It operated only nine years before being shut down, claiming lack of funds, though rumors plagued the property that the patients had been mistreated. The house changed hands several times after that before finally being abandoned.

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The videographer says, “We didn’t stay long. Whatever lives there now did not want us near.” She promises in the video to be back, but that was not to be, as the entire house was destroyed by fire soon after this video was taken.

Rest in peace, Athol House. I guess your secrets will remain buried. 

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