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Astrologist Shares the Least Compatible Parent/Child Zodiacs and People Feel She’s Spot On

Apparently a Leo parenting an Aquarius is not a good time?
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A TikTok astrologer has caused a commotion online with her post listing the “worst” parent/child combinations of star signs. As many people as seem to agree with her pronouncements, there are others who think she is entirely off base. 


These are her judgements:

*Aries parent and Pisces child, especially for mothers and daughters. “Poor Pisces, angry Aries,” she claims.

* Leo parent and Aquarius child are a mismatch in terms of Leo’s extroverted nature and Aquarius’s introversion. “Dare I go on?” She asks.

* Capricorn parent and Sagittarius child, especially, apparently for opposite genders. The morals and values are so different, they may not have a lot in common.

The comments section goes wild with both earnest agreements and vehement objections.

“I am a Pisces, eldest daughter, and my mom is an Aries. And you’re speaking straight facts,” claims one.

“I’m a Leo my grown daughter is Aquarius. She’s my best friend and the most amazing woman! I’m amazed by her daily…” argues another.

Still more are wondering when she’s going to do the rest of the combinations, and helpfully provide their own parent or child’s star sign along with their own as a prompt.

Some say that this may be due to other influences on a person. Often, their sun signs can be countered by rising signs or other astrological influences, and of course, there are many who claim the entire thing is just bunk.

Even if her descriptions sound right to you and your particular situation, if you read enough of the detractors’ comments, you come away wondering if it’s little more than a coincidence.