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Astrologer Breaks Down What Children’s Signs and Placements Mean

This might even help people be better parents.
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For those who believe in astrology, the placement of the stars and planets in the sky at the time of one’s birth have profound influence on personality, behavior, temper, and even destiny. There has been a decided upswing in this practice in recent years, fueled by a population awash in uncertainty, where the future seems beyond one’s own power to shape. As with all methods of divination, astrology works…. except for where it doesn’t. Believers learn to use what helps them and discard the rest, creating what skeptics call a confirmation bias and fans prefer to think of as just being reasonable about the whole thing.

This astrologer has tips for using a child’s star sign and planet alignments to help meet them where they are—a practice that every good caregiver needs to cultivate.


According to this video, the following “cheat sheet” will help you deal with your child’s unique personality.

* Sun sign (what you think of as “your astrological sign”): signifies the child’s overall personality as well as their paternal relationship.

*Ascendant (“rising”) sign: their initial instinct when faced with a new task or a challenge.

* Moon sign: their emotional needs, their relationship with their mother, and what brings them their sense of security.

* Mercury in their chart: will reveal how best they absorb information in school and how they like to communicate.

“This explains so much!” Exclaims one viewer. Another wonders what would happen if “all parents” did their children’s star signs immediately after birth and learned to parent based on these alignments.

Of course, that might be a little much, even for astrology enthusiasts.