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The Ghost Who Haunts This English Mansion Has a Horrifying Backstory

Some tourists just caught her on camera!

Aston Hall in Birmingham, England, was built by a very rich and important man of the seventeenth century, a Sir Thomas Holte, Baronet, who was known for his cruelty, pride, and temper. Though he fathered over a dozen children with his first wife, and was rumored to father many more with his second in an attempt to cut his single surviving son out of his will, he outlived all of them. One of the most horrifying stories of the man’s treatment is a legend concerning him imprisoning one of his daughters, “Mary” (occasionally claimed to be Elizabeth Mary), in a cell inside the house for sixteen years because she tried to elope with a servant boy. Eventually the poor woman either starved to death or died trying to escape her tiny room.

It is said the ghost of this poor girl still haunts the hall of the house, and if so, was it she who these visitors recently caught on camera?


In the video a group of visitors hear noises on some upper stairs, they go up, calling out the name of the supposed ghost, “Mary.” Shockingly, as they approach this tiny attic room, a shadow flits back and forth in front of the door, but there is no other reply.

“We didn’t expect to see anything,” says the woman who took the video. “We’re skeptics. My husband thought it was clever to call out ‘Mary’ as we were walking around the castle but I was petrified.”

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She now reports feeling “weak and sick” ever since the encounter, though that may just be because of the intense fright. I guess that’s why you don’t tease ghosts who have four hundred years on you. 

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