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Practicing Witch Uses Artificial Intelligence to Create a Tarot Deck

This sounds more fun than a selfie.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the flood of seemingly magical selfies being churned out by Artificial Intelligence art applications, but this woman used this strange new technology to create her own tarot deck. The images have a feel of antiquity about them, as if they were taken from a medieval illuminated manuscript. She flips through the deck showing the major arcana and then the back of the cards which have a swirling and colorful galaxy.  

She explains she used the Wonder app for iOS and then used photoshop to put the images into a card template. Many tarot practitioners choose to create their own personalized decks for readings, finding them to be more meaningful and better attuned for interpretation. These decks often rely on one’s artistic talent or from collecting the images of others but now with AI creating new images it opens a wider possibility for personalization of decks without sacrificing artistic quality.  

Artificially created art has been widely embraced as a fun hobby and current digital trend, but many have spoken out against it as harming artists - both by taking jobs away from humans and by way of how it goes about creating art which many say is theft. These programs “learn” by analyzing the art of others across the internet, regardless of copyright permissions, and then smashing it all together to create art that matches the text prompts given by the human.

Science fiction enthusiasts and fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune caution the new wave of artists collaborating with AI with the lesson of the fictional Butlerian Jihad: “Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.”

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