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Mysterious Egyptian Artifact Appears to Explode Soda and Change the Color of Water

What is going on here?

This strange video has been circulating the internet in a flurry of confusion. It purports to show an artifact found in Egypt that has mysterious effects on liquid that gets too close to it. The intriguing artifact is brass colored and shaped like a large hand grenade but with three little pegs on the bottom for it to stand upright. The men show it next to a piece of paper with the date “1st September, 2022” handwritten on it twice. Gloves are used to carefully place this mysterious object on what looks like a stone ground and next to a sealed bottle of water. As the man shows the camera the paper with the dates again, the water starts to turn red, seemingly on its own - but that’s not the end of it!  

The water continues to change until the whole bottle is a deep red, and the men prepare a second demonstration. A glass bottle of soda dangles from a rope tied to a string and the men stand back, seeming to expect what will come next. He tries to place the bottle gently within the sphere of influence but struggles to keep the bottle from falling to its side. As he tries to stand it up a second time it shatters in an explosion of soda. The mysterious artifact is then removed, once again with gloves.

Many wondrous and unexplained artifacts have come from ancient civilizations, but none have shown such a dramatic and immediate effect on objects near it. Commenters point out that this object is claimed to be found in Egypt yet features German writing prominently on the front. 

 Possible explanations for this demonstration include a water dissolvable tab hidden in a carefully resealed bottle and a heated glass bottle in contact with a cold floor can cause the bottle to burst. This could be why the bottle was hung from the stick when the artifact was handled with gloves.

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