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Woman Asks About Strange Smoke Circles Outside Area 51

Commenters have lots of different theories!

Two women were driving down a highway near Area 51 in Nevada when they spotted a strange dark grey smoke formation over the mountains. By the time the woman in the passenger seat is able to get her phone to record, the smoke trail has a fish hook shape but one side continues to grow towards the other to create a vertical loop in the sky.  

As the loop starts to dissipate, the woman goes on to describe when it first came up from the ground it looked kind of like an octopus. She also claims that before she could record there was another circle only that one seemed to be coming from a plane - but a plane that went straight up, looped around, and then went straight back down in a way that a normal craft should not be able to do.

Commenters have a wide range of theories on what could cause this, the leading of course being secret military craft testing that may or may not include alien technology taken from UFOs and relating to Area 51. Others say it must be a stunt plane practicing or test firing missiles. Some even believe it is a portal opening to another world or dimension.  

Scrutiny of the not-so-secret air base has renewed in vigor after the recent declassification of government documents relating to UFOs and other mysterious aerial phenomena. Even NASA has assembled a team of researchers to independently study the unexplained sightings in the sky that we all have questions about. 

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