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Man Camped Outside Area 51 and Records Some Unusual Activity

Do you know what this weird blue light is?

When this man noticed unusual activity at the “secret” Area 51 government base in Nevada, he decided to camp out and record what was happening. He says for several days there has been unexplained light activity and shows the current large blue light that can be seen from the distant Air Force base. He shows the blue orb of light as it ascends, moving up into the sky and it seems to pulsate with light, sending strange flashes of blue into the air around it. After a few moments the light begins to move horizontally and then just winks out of existence.  

Many commenters simultaneously complain the footage is too blurry but also that one can’t get close enough to Area 51 to see it properly anymore, which of course would explain the blurry footage from maximum zooming on a digital camera. It is commonly believed that the secret facilities were moved underground after rumors began to circulate all too publicly about a base that was intended to be top secret. 

These attempts to glimpse ongoings at Area 51, as well as other UFO hotspots, has increased since the recent declassification of government documents reporting Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. Governmental backtracking that admits things the public has been saying for years does little to regain trust in the institution and has led to greater demands for transparency in all government operations. 

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