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Appalachian Motto is “No You Didn’t” Because of All the Paranormal Activity

Even if you definitely saw something, it's safer to pretend you didn't.

When you’re in the Appalachian mountains, the motto is “No, you didn’t”. If you get that eerie feeling in your stomach, your hair stands up on the back of your neck, or all the sounds of nature suddenly go quiet - no, it didn’t. If something whistles strangely at you or you hear your name being called, or you hear the voice of somebody who can’t possibly be there - no, you didn’t. If you see something out of the corner of your eye - no, you didn’t. If you see something weird or impossible whatever you do, don’t keep staring at it. If you respond or look too hard it’s like letting them know that you know that they are there which is as good as invitation to the creepy things dwelling in the ancient mountain range.  

If you do happen to run into the strange and unusual in Appalachia then the best thing you can do is pretend you didn’t and calmly leave. You can panic once you’re in the safety of your car.

Tales of the darker, creepy side of the Appalachian mountains are increasing in circulation as internet access in rural areas continues to expand coverage, allowing these urban legends or oral tradition to make their way out into the wider world that hasn’t seen what the heart of mountains can truly hide. Creatures who wear the faces of others and beckon you to follow them into the woods, devil monkeys that hide in the trees waiting for unwary travelers to glance up, and strange hybrid creatures that defy explanation are just some of the things that go bump in the night - and if you see them, no you didn’t. 

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