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Appalachia Natives Claim the Trees Are Ruled By “Devil Monkeys”

And that’s why you don’t look up into the trees

Urban legends of Appalachia warn folks not to look up when walking in the woods or else you might catch the unwanted attention of the alleged “devil monkeys” that hide in the trees. Appalachia is becoming known for its many tales of crytpids and other creepy things that happen in these mountains older than dinosaurs. These mountains take up a large portion of the eastern United States, running from New York down to Mississippi and it is cautioned to travelers not to look into the trees where the devil monkeys of legend are rumored to hide, waiting to pounce on those who spot them. 

These devil monkeys are said to resemble a primate but with an unusual snout that looks more like that of a fearsome dog. They are rumored to stand between five and eight feet tall, which varies from different witness accounts. They are also said to switch between walking on all fours to leaping with only their two feet. Urban legends say these creatures are extremely aggressive and can camouflage so well it can make the trees appear to be moving on their own, as if an invisible monkey is swinging from branch to branch. Locals say if these creatures see you have noticed them in the trees, that’s when you’re in trouble. 

What do you do if you happen to spot one of these Appalachian cryptids? No, you didn’t. You just keep walking like you didn’t see a thing, and especially don’t run. In the words of Peter S. Beagle as given in The Last Unicorn: “Don't look back and don't run. You must never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention.” 

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