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Kentucky Woman’s Advice For Staying Safe In the Appalachian Mountains Is Eerie

It gives you shivers just thinking about what could be out there.

The Appalachian mountains are older than bones, and have certainly seen some stuff in their endless eons oaths Earth. Any local will tell you that it remains a place of unfathomable mystery, and the folklore of the region is deep and powerful.

Bottom line: there are unknowable things in the area, and if you know what is good for you, you’ll follow the rules. Are these survival rules for campers? Well, yes and no.


Apparently in Appalachia, there are rules to follow. If you are out in the wilderness and you see something strange, no you didn’t. If you hear something call your name, no you definitely didn’t. If you feel something stalking you, do not run. Never whistle in the woods, and definitely stay out of there after dark.

This TikToker calls herself “appalachianmountainfairy,” which is funny, given these are the precise creatures you’re trying to avoid by following these instructions.

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Folklore experts say that the Appalachian legends have a striking similarity to those of the British islands where many of the Europeans populating the region originally came from. Believers say the veil between the worlds is especially thin in both regions, and do you want to make something out of it?

Whatever the real origin of these “rules,” they are certainly popular on social media sites, and are scaring viewers all over the world. Comments on this video are split between outsiders getting freaked out and locals agreeing enthusiastically with the woman’s advice.

Some of it is just common sense, especially for solo hikers. But what do eldritch forest beasts have against whistling?

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