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In Appalachia Folklore There Are Creatures Who Wear the Faces of Others

Nobody knows what happens if you follow them.

What mysteries are the ancient mountains of Appalachia hiding? This resident shares a terrifying incident that has haunted her to this day. When she was a child her granny was always telling her not to go into the trees back behind her trailer. The tree line was down a big hill and across a pasture so it wasn’t too close, but no explanation was given for that one hard and swift rule - just don’t go into the woods. Then one day she say her cousin standing in the pasture, staring up at her but completely silent.  

She thought it was odd that he was quiet, since he was a loudmouth teenage boy, so she waved at him. He took off down the hill and into the woods, gesturing for her to follow him. She did.

She ran down the hill chasing after him and about halfway through crossing the pasture she heard the screaming start. He was screaming her name over and over as if in terrible pain. She sprinted even harder and was nearly to the tree line when she heard a loud bang. Her grandmother was on the porch and had fired a shot into the woods. Granny screamed at her to get back to the porch, begging and crying through tears, and it startled her so she quickly turned and ran back towards safety.

Her gran quickly shoved her back inside but she could still hear him screaming for her from the woods. The screaming continued for about five minutes but the desire to chase after he cousin came to an immediate halt when her grandmother chillingly explained her cousin was on vacation quite a distance away and told her not to go in the back pasture anymore. She still doesn’t have any explanation for what she experienced or what would have happened had she continued following the strange creature wearing the face of her cousin.

Tales of unexplainable creatures and terrifying encounters are common throughout the Appalachian region, although many blame internet Creepypastas as being responsible for these folktales. While some of these wild stories can be traced back to clearly fictional roots, others are oral stories passed down from the elder generations who live deep in the rural mountains and were slow to join the digital world. 

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