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Man Takes Out Trash at Night in Appalachian Mountains and Hears the Most Insane Scream

He did the right thing...

Before dinosaurs roamed the earth and even before fish evolved to crawl out of the water, the Appalachian Mountains were born of violent collisions between tectonic plates that formed the supercontinent of Pangea. 500 million years can hide a lot of secrets. Secrets you don’t want to hear when you take your trash out at night. This man dropped his trash right where he stood and turned around to go back inside when he heard this terrifying scream in the night.  

Many people will claim these are the cries of bigfoot or sasquatch, or some other mysterious cryptid of old Appalachia, however the truth may be nearly as odd. Game hunters will tell you that is definitely the scream of a North American big cat. While the United States does not have any true big cats, it is home to bobcats and mountain lions - both of which are known to scream horrifying shrieks into the night. A bobcat is normally named as the culprit in Appalachia by exclusion of range because the mountain lion is said to be extinct from the eastern part of the country. But is it?

These claims of extirpation are so hotly denied by residents of and near the Appalachian Mountains that experts are beginning to investigate “recolonization” as an explanation, insisting they could not have been present this whole time.

Cryptozoologists refer to this phenomenon as Anomalous Big Cats, sightings of lions or panthers in places they are said not to inhabit. This is not limited to America, but is also seen in places like Britain and Australia that have never been home to native big cat species.  

Will these ancient mountains reveal native lions once again? 

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