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“Cloud Cows” Are Yet Another Mysterious Anomaly of Appalachia

Pure white cows that disappear if you glance away.

Signs you may have witchy talents can manifest early, sometimes by attracting unexplainable events as a child. This woman tells the story of the strange herd of cows that seemed to appear and disappear as if by supernatural powers. Her grandmother lived deep in the heart of Appalachia and had a pasture that ran up to her fence line. Sometimes there would be a small herd of five solid white cows out grazing but her gran never knew who owned them. The cows seemed to like this woman when she was a kid and they would always come to the fence to see her when she was there.  

The weird thing about these cows is how they would disappear in the blink of an eye. If you glanced away for even a moment they could vanish by the time you looked back. She and her granny took to calling them the “cloud cows” because of how they would be there and then very suddenly just weren’t anymore.

Her grandmother tried to explain it away as the cows going into a hollow back in the woods, but the fence stopped at the trees. The whole pasture was visible from their porch and the cows simply would not be in it. They were always kind and friendly when they would come near the woman in her childhood, but she no longer believes they were really cows.

That’s not the only strange thing she saw while living in Appalachia, she also had a terrifying incident with what she calls “The Screaming Woods”.

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