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Did this Photo from Apollo 17 Catch a UFO on the Moon?

People are torn.
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America’s last voyage to the moon (prior to the upcoming Artemis missions from NASA) was in 1972, with Apollo 17. The photographs from the mission are freely available for anyone to view and download both from NASA and from the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum website. But there are some who believe that this one picture, taken by the Lunar Module shortly after landing on the surface, captures far more than the lunar landscape. Some say that in the black sky above, there appears to be something that looks like a UFO.


In this discussion on Reddit’s r/UFOs sub, there is a healthy debate going on about the nature of this strange image. Is it actually a UFO, or merely an artifact of the processing and digitization the image had to go through when being processed from the original, film photograph.

“What we're seeing is a digitized version of an already digitally processed image that was taken from a physical copy of an original photographic panorama of the Moon,” explains one person. “I've seen 100s of original Apollo mission scans and there are processing stains and blotches on dozens of them.”

Another, however, does further processing on the tiny “blotch,” lightening the area of the image significantly to show that this “artifact” looks eerily similar to the “dark triangle” UFOs reported by hundreds here on Earth.

Some astronauts (notably Edgar Mitchell, who flew with Apollo 14 and was the sixth person to walk on the moon) claimed to have seen certain “anomalous objects” while on their missions. Could this be the type of thing they were talking about?