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American Animator Shares His Eerie Hollywood "Mandela Effect" Experience

Can we blame this glitch on Dr. Doofenshmirtz?
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The Mandela Effect is a term that attempts to explain the phenomenon in which a large percentage of the population remembers an event that did not occur or a fact that is not true. The term came into popularity because one common occurrence of this effect is that many people claim to remember that Nelson Mandela, the activist and former president of South Africa, actually died in prison, which is not true. Well, at least not in this dimension. For some people say that this effect is not caused by false memories at all, it’s just people slipping unconsciously from one parallel dimension to another and remembering things from their own timeline.

Perhaps you have had this happen to you before. Lots of folks have, including Dan Povenmire, accomplished writer, director, and animator who is most famous for being the creator of the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.

Povenmire recently took to social media to share his own, eerie experience. Apparently, he was watching a fan’s video about the actress Miriam Margolyes (Professor Sprout of Harry Potter fame). He thought the video was going to be about this fan’s disappointment in Margolyes’s untimely death, which he, too, had mourned when it happened, as he knew her from their time working together on Family Guy.

But no. This video was in fact how he found out that Margolyes had never passed away at all, and was in fact due to appear on an upcoming episode of Doctor Who.

This shook Povenmire, as he could have sworn that the well-known actress had passed away “six or seven years ago.”

What gives? He is certain that he did not mistake her for another actress, as several folks suggest in comments, which I agree is not likely, especially since he had met both Margolyes and the other actress in question in the past.

Is this Dan Povenmire really from our dimension at all, or has he slipped through the fabric of spacetime from an alternate universe, one in which celebrated performer Dame Miriam has been taken from this earthly plane? And if so, do we have the good Povenmire, or the evil one?

That kind of thing is usually the work of his dastardly-yet-lovable creation, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and in fact happens multiple times over the course of Phineas and Ferb. All I’m saying is, the man knows from parallel dimensions. He probably shouldn’t be surprised that it’s finally happened to him.

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