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Pennsylvania Man Captures Animal Spirit Lurking On Ring Camera

Can you see it?

These days, it seems everyone has their own porch security camera, which means there’s tons of footage of people’s lawns, driveways, and front doors, and whatever weird things might be going on out there. If you’re a wildlife lover, there’s plenty of chances to catalogue every bird, squirrel, or raccoon that ventures onto your property. If you like the spooky stuff, however, you’re more likely to be keeping an eye out for Bigfoot or aliens.

This person thinks they caught sight of some kind of animal spirit lurking in their yard, and from the size, it’s possibly a fox, or even a dog.


In the video, a nighttime shot of a normal lawn and driveway with a car parked on it. Then, a bit of gray mist seems to coalesce into a form which walks carefully around the back of the car and vanishes.

What is that? Some small ghostly being? A nature spirit?

The most likely explanation is that the strange misty creature is an artifact of the type of storage these security cameras use. The same buffer is used over and over again, and in this case, that’s the still image of the car and the lawn. The shadow in the night probably was a small woodland creature, but it’s appearance in the darkness was not enough to overcome the buffered recording of the driveway, making it look transparent.

That’s one possibility. The other is that this house was visited by an ethereal spirit of the forest and all it managed to do was circle a car.