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Man’s Claims House Under Attack By Angry Spirits As He Captures Everything From Doors Slamming to Lights Flickering

Time to move, perhaps?

Every time you hear about folks being tormented by a spirit in their home, the easy answer is “move.” But not everyone can move. Forget about the relative difficulty of breaking a lease, if you own the home in question, it makes it difficult to just walk away. For this fellow, ghosts were just the beginning of his problems.


In this video, a young man documents the creepy happenings in his house. Doors slamming, lights flickering, weird shadows of disembodied spirits in the window—you can hear the fear in his voice as he runs through the house, looking for the cause.

In the comments section, folks said, forget about the ghosts, that’s one nice house. But they had no idea how bad it was.

Once he and his family found a mysterious bag in the basement filled with medical records from insane asylum inmates, the paranormal activity kicked into high gear. His mother and sister reported seeing “shadow people” in the hallways. Terrified fo what they’d unwittingly unleashed, they buried the bag and attempted to cleanse the house. But the problems only got worse.

The next sign that something was very wrong with this place was when the living room floor collapsed underneath them. A sinkhole was opening under their home, and they were forced to cower in one tiny section of the house while they had it repaired.


While engineers they hired blamed multiple pipe leaks beneath the floor for this sinkhole, one wonders if it was that simple, or if the weight of evil in the place was trying to drag the entire house back to hell.