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Woman Breaks Down How Scary Angels Actually Are

These are not the cherubs you grew up with.

The most common thing any angel says to a human in the Bible is “Be not afraid.” It is often speculated that this opening line toward human beings is delivered because, according to descriptions of angels in the Bible, they are pretty terrifying creatures. Covered in wings and eyes, looking more like impossible wheels or monsters rather than the standard “guy with wings”, many artists have attempted to accurately portray angels throughout history, but the results tend to be a touch on the scary side. No wonder people have fallen back on the far prettier, if inaccurate “guy with wings.”

But religious scholars, prophets, and clairvoyants have long known abut the arcane and unknowable nature of God’s messengers and guardians, as described in this video.


In the video, a TikToker who has just taken a class on “angelology” breaks down some of the more disturbing things she learned. For instance, Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic philosopher, priest, and saint, wrote extensively about the nature of angels, so much so that some called him “the Angelic Doctor.” In his writings, he claimed that angels were not spoken of as having been created in Genesis because of the “danger” inherent in knowing too much about them and their nature. As they were powerful supernatural beings, Moses speaking about them too much may have promoted idolatry.

The video also discusses a recent clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, who claimed to speak through angels while in a trance, but whose “angelic” musing scared his transcribers so much they asked him not to speak to that particular power again. (Surely, followers of the beliefs of Aquinas would have a theory about the true nature of whoever it was Cayce was contacting.)

Though Angelology remains a popular past time and field of study, it’s not for the faint of heart. Just remember: be not afraid.