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After a Rough Few Months, Mom Believes She Caught an Angel Watching Over Her Son

She swears it’s not a trick of the light.

A near-death experience with her baby left this mother in a difficult state, but a miracle recovery brought a sudden turn around in his health and she believes he has guardian angels watching over him. She was recording a touching parental moment as her husband held their son by the fireplace and suddenly a faint fluttering orb appears and hovers by the sweet baby boy. 

At first she thought it was a reflection dancing off the camera lens but as she held the camera steady the translucent figure seemed to flutter around the oblivious child. The mysterious figure has the qualities of orbs but also distinctly seems to have fluttering wings at moments during the video. The child happily stares at the fire the whole time, completely unaware there may be an angel looking over him. 

Those intent on debunking orbs may continue to say the flames of the fire and a trick of the camera lens are responsible for this strange phenomenon, but commenters on this viral video seem to agree something supernatural is going on here. Other typical culprits that can create orb effects are dust particles or insects but it seems apparent those could not be responsible for this particular strange event. 

Paranormal, supernatural, or divine - we don't know, but we do know we are glad this kiddo was able to make a complete recovery and wish the family well. 

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